Learning Management Systems – LMS

The simplest, easy to use cloud-based LMS learning management system available today. Our customers love the online offline capabilities of our innovative learning platform and use it to train employees, clients and their partners alike.  Many of our loyal customers have come to us from other learning management systems and we continually score high ratings with clients on service, delivery and price. Enjoy a unique learning system with compliant SCORM cloud and Tin Can API.

Elearning Authoring Tool

Create your own learning platform and elearning courses with our inbuilt best in class elearning course builder. A great LMS for training companies.

Content Friendly

Re-use existing materials: PPT, Keynote, PDF, SlideShare, Prezi, Video, Audio, RichText, Compliant SCORM Cloud, HTML5, Quiz, ePortfolio

Off-the-shelf Courses

Your unique learning platform can be pre-loaded with relevant ready made content, taking the headache out of course creation.

Course Library

Kick-start your business workplace learning in seconds using the Create LMS eLearning Course Library pre-loaded with hours of up-to-date stunning tailored course content.  Working with a number of specialist elearning partners we offer hundreds of ready-made off-the-shelf elearning courses on a variety of workplace learning topics.

eLearning Content Partners

We work with a number of content partners to provide relevant and up-to-date online training, partners such as Learning Heroes.

Join Us

If you would like to join us as an eLearning content partner and let us share your online course content with our LMS clients then get in touch by completing the form below.

Let Us Help You

Not sure what eLearning content you need? Talk to us we can help you develop training packaged to your needs. Get in touch today.

Custom Courses

There are many elements to great e Learning courses and course design; elements which our team of innovative instructional designers understand.  Working closely with you , our team  will create stunning online courses to suit your business needs and then populate them to your bespoke learning management system, with Create LMS taking all the hard work out of course design, course development, course creation and content upload for you.


Working closely with you to understand your business drivers, environment, motivation and your employer brand our team will create custom courses tailored to your business and budget.


We pride ourselves on our ability to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to your course brief. Let our team of course designers come up with some innovative ideas that can help engage and capture the imagination of your learners.


Our team has thousands of combined hours of cutting edge instructional design experience under their belts. Keeping up-to-date with current trends and coming innovation keeps them fresh and keeps your learning content engaging.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at unique learning system, scorm cloud, tin can api, learning management system&learning management systems


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